Classy 400 MFC Template

Classy 400 New MyFreeCams template just released

NEW: Classy 400! Probably the best deal you will ever get for a MFC Profile Design!
We recently launched a brand new MyFreeCams Template, one of the most complete and complex profiles we have ever made.
Classy400-ClubUnlike other profiles, this one has most of the default functions still active (such as rate/admire, add friend, comments section) and many tokens making widgets, 9 to be more precise, the best tools a model can use.
Classy 400 is a clean, user friendly, model friendly, neat and sexy profile. No matter what your style is, this profile will make you look professional and will tell everyone you mean business (but in a very hot way).
The price of Classy 400 is a bargain for the moment: less than $120 instead of $340.

For those who want us to customize their profile (edit images, add text and so on) and even install the template on their MFC profile, the price will get up to $450-$500, based on the complexity (number of images and other requested changes).
BUY Classy 400 here



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